Dinner Plate Ø 26 cm / Blue lines & White

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The dimensions and proportions of this collection were carefully thought for daily use.
From breakfast and your muesli, cereals or yogurt with the small bowl, lunch with the big bowl for salads, soups or mijoté and dinner with the dining & the dessert plates, these plates and bowls are designed to be used daily or for special occasions with your friends and family or for a romantic moment.


Dinner plate: Ø 26 cm / H: ~ 2 cm
Dessert Plate: Ø 20 cm / H: ~ 2 cm
Everything Plate: Ø 20 cm / H: ~ 4 cm
Small Bowl: Ø 14 cm / H: ~ 4 cm

Handmade with white stoneware.
Finish: Blue pencil grid with transparent glaze on top.

Please keep in mind that this piece is not a standard industrial product. Due to the nature of handmade ceramics each piece has charming irregularities. This collection is dishwasher safe, although please take care, washing by hand is the best option.