Pre Order Collection

These two collections (Blurry Grid & Bold Orange) are available only on pre-order. The reason is purely logistic, as it is hard to have 4 finishes of the BASICS collection available at the same time. The GRID & LINES are my classic finishes and are both always available.

You will receive your order 10 to 20 days after the check-out. If you wish to order more than 6 items per typology, please contact me directly.

Stock update

EN / This E-Shop is the only canal to buy my products right now. I update the stock every week with the last items produced. Sold out pieces will come back soon :)

FR / Ce E-Shop est le seul canal pour acheter mes produits en ce moment. Le stock est actualisé toutes les semaines. Les pièces en rupture reviendront bientôt :)

Blurry Tale Collection

EN / Each year I am working on one or two capsule collection. It is my way to experiment; to create outside of the good monotony of my BASICS collections. Those collections are unique, one shot and will not be reproduced in the future.

Blurry tale is an experimentation made exclusively of porcelain ware, playing with colors, abstraction & air brush.